Time Makes Time
HD 1'50"(in loop), colour, sound

Time Makes Time talks about the fiction of the time from the fiction perspective. The audio text is an excerpt from the novel Cosmopolis, written by the American writer Don LeLillo and published in 2003, while the text that can be read in the screen is a text recreated with words from the same excerpt:

There's no narrative.
Once upon a time
none of this.
It's fantastic the presence of anything.
Time in the future makes time.
The other time stopped thinking on hours.
Measurable hours.
The measurement of none of it.
Time is harder to find.
The future becomes something soon.
Maybe today.
To correct the acceleration of time to normal,
to the current situation.

Between the recreated text and the audio appears an ambiguous, fictional, and maybe sterile space, as the concept of time can be itself in reality and in the fiction. The audio narration is executed by an automatic voice, which even looks like natural but it is completely unaware of what it is talking about. And the background of the action is a ethereal space, volatile and ephemeral, conceived as a fictional support where the two layers of narrative –about the time of the future– unfold.