5-channel installation: 4 video and 1 audio channels
HD 1:1, sound 5.1, 4'00" in loop
Each hung screen: 280x280cm

Video channels with audio:

Installation views:

Pedro Torres - O

Pedro Torres - O

Pedro Torres - O

Pedro Torres - O
O is a video installation on five channels: four video channels and one sound. Each video channel represents a dimension of our relationship with the world: the macro, the micro, the artificial and the natural relations. Forming a cube, each space faces each other, placing the viewer in the midst. It seeks to provoke a reflection of our relationship as human beings in the world where we are, understanding the world not only as our planet but as the entire universe.

This work was exhibited at NC-arte (Bogota, Colombia), part of the Towards a New Shore group show, curated by Claudia Segura.

Links to: exhibition views, texts (leaflet/hoja de sala) and video.

Towards a New Shore explores our perception of the Universe; that dome over our heads to which we turn in awe and curiosity. What are its connotations? What desires do we project on it? What do we expect to find there? Through futuristic novels, ancient legends, space movies, urban appropriations and sidereal music, the projects presented in Towards a New Shore explore the idea of Space. The title of the exhibit is taken from a song by La Arkestra, a jazz group of the sixties based on the philosophy of Sun Ra, its founder, and rooted in science fiction, interplanetary voyages and philosophical Kabbalistic theories and on his stage presentations that constituted a unique experience due to the extravagant costumes, the mixture of dierent jazz modes and the inclusion of audiovisual fictional elements.

The group exhibit deconstructs the fiction genre expanding it beyond the future, as a possible strategy for creation that overcomes the limitations of our present and proposes other subjectivities and parameters of life. The Universe is also understood in terms of being a place yet to be discovered, which enables the imagination of a dierent time, an invented body and a rhyzomatic language that draws from sensorial and sound experimentation.

Towards a New Shore shies away from identifying science fiction with technological sophistication. Instead it takes on the created machinery to be able to reach remote parts of the Universe, and thus, finally to play with imaginations. Being curious about learning about and discovering unknown places is what drives research among the artists selected for our exhibition.