Solo exhibition at Luis Adelantado gallery
Valencia, 2016

Pedro Torres - TOT Pedro Torres - forget/forgive Pedro Torres - Reflection Pedro Torres - Fading Browsing History (Tracking Traces)

Pedro Torres - Last Pedro Torres - Nine (II) Pedro Torres - Stratum Pedro Torres - From Occator

Pedro Torres - Lacunar Pedro Torres - Let Go Pedro Torres - blur


Lacunae continues the research of a previous project, The Keeper, which investigates on how images can forge the memory, but now presenting a series of works dealing with oblivion as its core subject.

Oblivion, understood within the processes related to memory, is the failure to retrieve a memory—that is, information —which is stored in the mind and cannot be recovered. But forgetting can also occur through the fading of a stimulus that is never requested, and as the result of interference caused between new and consolidated stimuli. From these different notions regarding oblivion and its implications, these works seek to awaken reflections on memory, oblivion and our ways of relating to and in a world mediated by images.

The project brings together eleven works on this topic, in different media, showed at Luis Adelantado Valencia.

Exhibition documentation: exhibition views, leaflet and press release.
Fading Browsing...
Nine (II)
From Occator
Let Go